Art As Therapy for Wounded Warriors

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Our Mission

Art101 provides a collegial, creative art‐learning experience for wounded warriors.

Our Students Student's Fused Glass Artwork Ready for Next Step

Our students are wounded warriors primarily undergoing treatment as patients of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC). WRNMMC requests the Walter Reed Society to sponsor individuals for participation as art students. The Walter Reed Society and Art101 have a successful multi-year collaboration placing students in art‐glass activities. The students come to our instructional facilities to develop their art skills as they readjust to civilian life.

What We Offer

Wounded Warrior's Finished Fused Glass Artworks Still In The Firing Kiln

The Experience

Our staff currently offer instruction in fused glass art* to small groups of wounded warriors. Initially, the experience involves creating designs and choosing colors; selecting, cutting and grinding fusible glass; and hand-crafting glass artworks for fusing in an instructor‐operated kiln. As student skills progress, instruction is given in forming more complex glass shapes for two‐dimensional art pieces, and in creating three‐dimensional glass art. After finishing the course, each individual is presented with a Certificate of Completion of the Basic Fused Glass Art Course.

*Fused glass is kiln fired at temperatures ranging from about 1,100℉ to 1,600℉ depending on the kind of bonding or shaping desired.

Individual creativity is a key element of our environment. The staff present ideas on composition along with technical advice on types of glass that work for different purposes. Using that knowledge and their own aesthetics, the students make their own artistic choices.

Collegiality is an important feature of our community. As artists, students express themselves individually. As members of the Art101 group, students typically inspire each other and share insights with their fellow artists.

Class Size and Schedule

Class sizes typically are groups of about 6 students per instructor.

Each student participates in one 3‐hour art session weekly for 25 sessions over a nominal six-month period.

Art101 Staff

Director and Principal Instructor

Fused Glass Art Instructors


Art101's art glass activity for wounded warriors is conducted among the many art organizations and cultural programs at Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD 20812. Glen Echo Park is owned by the U.S. National Park Service.
 Student's Fused Glass Artwork Ready for Next Step
Directions to Glen Echo Park are found here.

Art101 Room Locations*: Art101 activities are conducted in a studio on the third floor of the Arcade Building. That studio is accessible by stair or elevator after passing through any of the several public entrances into the main part of the Arcade Building.

*Art101 is not the same organization as the Art Glass Center At Glen Echo (AGC). Art101 is not not accessible through the AGC, which is located outside the main part of the Arcade Building with its own separate entrance.

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